Financial consulting services present a need of a modern organization and is expanding in all segments of economy.

The Market which is constantly developing requires reliable financial information and advice which would contribute to minimization of business risks.

Using our knowledge, experience and modern tools for financial analyses, we help our clients to bring critical decisions to scale their business in the way that we:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the present work organization and recommend rationalization of all the functions,
  • Develop internal procedures,
  • Establish internal controls system,
  • Provide financial and business consulting services regarding possibilities to scale business situation,
  • Conduct capital and property value assessment,
  • Prepare business and financial plans for a company,
  • Conduct balance sheet structure analysis,
  • Monitor business operations from month to month,
  • Prepare a company for external audit,
  • Provide consulting services on investments and financial decisions,
  • Prepare and evaluate investment projects and
  • Provide other financial and business advising.


The services we provide shall ensure successful planning of your business, complete overview of the financial situation of the organization, assessment of partners’ business operation and effective and efficient response to changes. Financial consulting presents the basis for successful business and an investment profitable in many ways.


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