Our team is distinguished by a combination of knowledge and experience in the area of accounting, tax consulting and financial issues, and we are here for our clients to advise and guide them when it comes to implementation of the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our business is directed to fast, effective and timely performance of all bookkeeping services, taking care to save time, money and energy of our clients.


We offer a complete range of accounting services:


  • Control of the accuracy of the documentation to be processed, and posted respectively,
  • Accounting and posting of the available documents according to the applicable Chart of Accounts,
  • Bookkeeping in accordance with the Law on Accounting,
  • Payroll and benefits calculation, calculation of service agreement and other withholding taxes,
  • Analytical bookkeeping: buyers, suppliers, fixed assets, goods, production, materials, final products,
  • VAT records, VAT calculations, preparing of periodical VAT application,
  • Permanent training and advising regarding the implementation of regulations in the area of finance and accounting,
  • Business analysis and of financial indicators with the aim to ensure information to a client to bring the best business decisions,
  • External assessment of the competences and organization of the existing accounting service and proposed measures to improve the quality of work of offices,
  • Preparation of periodical and final accounts,

and, we are ready to satisfy all your specific requirements.


We conduct all the bookkeeping and accounting services for our clients at our premises or in their company, and we guarantee accuracy and updated data, having in mind the entire integration of the accounting with the software solution


The price of accounting services depends on several factors.

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